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About Us

The cake factory opened its first location on a cozy street corner in the heart of Meerut city in the autumn of 2009. From its inception, our bakery has been cherished for its classic baked goods, warm and inviting atmosphere. We are dedicated to serving fresh, handmade baked goods with superior customer service.

Our team makes each dessert by hand in small batches on the premises throughout the day. Garima Mithal has been always striving for perfection in her personal and professional life. A home baker initially sharpened her baking skills by enrolling in various bakery courses in India and USA. Our first outlet was stupendous success and had made a special place in every locals heart. Last year we were able to again give Meerut its first of its kind bakery cafe. Which hopes to become a cornerstone in the community by creating a neighbourhood atmosphere where patrons feel relaxed and become instant regulars.
Our famed reputation continues to grow by serving high quality products with excellent customer service.